Service Details

PRICING: $7 per pane (based on cleaning all windows in your home). Includes washing both sides of the window, wiping the sills, wiping away cobwebs and cleaning the screens for free. Definition of a pane: If a window opens, it usually has 2 panes, upper and lower, or side by side. Example: A sliding glass door is a 2 pane count. Skylights are $15 each. Minimum charge: $200 for any home with a total pane count of 28 panes or less for inside and outside. Exterior only is $5 per pane with $200 minimum. If only doing a partial cleaning, estimate will change.

Please watch our video explaining pricing by panes:

MULTI-SERVICE DISCOUNT: 10% discount is applied with more than one service performed on the same day of appointment. All discounts given on totals above our minimum charge.

COMMERCIAL DISCOUNT: Discounts available for quarterly and monthly cleanings, exterior only cleanings & large volume jobs.
New Construction: $10 per pane, no discounts for this service.
Please note: Weekend appointments offer no discounts.

GUTTER CLEANING: 1 story gutters starts at $200.  2 story gutters starts at $250.

BIRD SPIKING: Installed on your gutters. Please call for a quote.

PRESSURE WASHING: Please call for a quote.

SOLAR PANEL CLEANING: Commercial & Residential. $150 minimum, estimates based on difficulty of job to be done.