Pricing Details

How to count your panes? Watch this video.



  • Window Cleaning: $7 per pane, based on cleaning ALL windows in your home. Includes washing windows interior and exterior, wiping the sills, wiping away cobwebs, and wiping the screens. Extra-large or extra-high panes will incur a greater per-pane charge. Estimates will vary when cleaning some divided-light windows (a large number of smaller panes grouped together. We do group 2-4 panes together to count as one pane.) Unsure how to count your panes? Just ask, we’re happy to help. We will give your screens a quick wipe, but track-detailing is available for an extra charge. Please mention when making your appointment so we can give you an estimate based on the number of tracks you want detailed.

Three-story window washing costs a minimum $300.

  • Skylight cleaning: $25 each ($15 for exterior only), with a minimum $200 charge for any home totaling 28 panes or less for interior and exterior cleaning. Exterior-only cleaning is $5 per pane (40 panes or less) with a $200 minimum. Estimates will vary when cleaning some (not all) of your windows.
  • Commercial Skylight Cleaning: Please call for an estimate.
  • GutterCleaning: $300 minimum for 1-story homes; $400 minimum for 2-story homes.
  • Pressure Washing: $300 minimum for pressure-washing houses, $200 minimum for washing “hardscapes” (e.g. pathways, patios, pools, decks, outdoor structures and furniture).
  • Residential Solar Panel Cleaning: $200 minimum for 1- story, 20 panels or less; second story starts at $250.
  • Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning: Please call for an estimate.
  • Deck & Patio Cleaning:: Please call for an estimate.

PLEASE NOTE: No discounts are given for weekend appointments, and any discount or coupon is lowered 5 percent when paying by credit card.

Ask About Our Discounts*

Multi-service discount
Book more than one service for your same-day appointment and receive 10% off!

Commercial discount
Save by booking Clear Light for quarterly & monthly cleanings, exterior-only cleanings, and large-volume jobs.
* Discounts apply to totals above the minimum charge. Weekend appointments are ineligible.